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Newsletter - 16 February 2018

Welcome to Japari School – Parkview

In 1966 Dr Sonia Machanick, opened Japari’s doors to 6 bright, talented children who had not found true success in traditional schools.  Four of these children were her own.  Dr Machanick frequently led the way in educational research publishing a number of educational papers and authoring the spelling book series “Sounds Travel” which is still in use.  Japari grew and soon became known as a premier environment for children who learn differently.

As we turned the page on our Jubilee Year in 2016, we can look back at a year of great excitement and celebration!!!  Our Reunion, Big walk, moms and daughters Breakfast, Art Auction and our Jubilee Concert, were all incredibly enjoyable and successful.  We certainly celebrated our Jubilee Year!!!

At Japari School we celebrate not just achievement but also progress.  We understand that learning is at times difficult and confusing.  Our enduring aim is to provide each pupil with a tailored education, within a caring community, whereby they can maximise their abilities and achieve personal goals, whether these are academic, artistic, sporting or in other fields.  We are ambitious for every child and want them to have the confidence and be ambitious for themselves.

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Latest Testimony

“Dear Headmaster, teachers and staff at Japari

May I take this opportunity to express our gratitude for the five great years invested in our son Cameron. Not only has he developed personally but his academic results have grown from strength to strength. We are so proud of what Cameron has accomplished at school and we know that this would not have been possible had it not been to the teachers who built on his talents over the past five years.

We will indeed be indebted to Japari for a lifetime and the foundation created in Cameron will most definitely stand him in good stead for his future. Not single out the teachers, I want to thank all of the teaching staff who assisted in the growth of Cameron, it has been tremendous to witness his confidence in the field of academics.

All the best for the Festive season and we are looking forward to visiting Japari in the future, once a Japarian, always a Japarian.

Leon  Fritz”

Japari School Academics

Foundation Phase
Creating a nurturing learning environment in which our pupils will develop.
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Intermediate Phase
Positive self-image and encouragement to progress to maximum potential.
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IT Skills
We strongly believe that the way forward is by integrating new technology and learning.
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We use Art to build confidence and self-esteem through creative and personal expression.
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