Remedial Education
Proudly offering quality remedial education since 1966. Our dedicated team of specialised teachers ensures that every child receives the tailored support they deserve.
Sensory Spaces
We provide learners with accessible sensory spaces and on site therapists for an enriched learning environment.
We offer a large range of sports ensuring every child finds the perfect match for their interests and passions.
We provide a diverse range of cultural activities at our school, designed to provide pupils with a well-rounded education.
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We're Proudly Remedial

Our motto, ‘Remedial Education for All,’ embodies our unwavering commitment to teaching and supporting young pupils facing learning challenges. With a personalised plan for every child, we empower our pupils from Grade 1-7 to overcome barriers and discover their true potential.

Why Choose Japari School?

57 Years of Experience

Small Class Sizes

Specialised Teachers​

Grade One Experience 2024

Join us for our Grade One Placement for 2025.

During this event, we’ll provide engaging educational activities & experiences to foster growth and development through play.

Additionally, we provide a school readiness screening, ensuring that your child is well-prepared for the exciting challenges of Grade One.

Grade One Experience

2024 School Fees

School Fees 2024

We offer affordable fees for your child to succeed.

We provide an inclusive environment that builds their confidence and helps them grow

Therapies Offered

What therapies do we offer at Japari School?

No need to overpay

Only pay for the therapies your child needs and claim back from medical aid.

We tailor our approach to meet your child’s unique needs. We suggest which therapies suit them.

Art and friends at Japari school

Book a Play Date

Book a space for your little one at Japari school to spend the morning engaging in playful activities & interacting with our dedicated teachers & therapists.


A free school Readiness Assessment will be included


Start your Remedial Journey Today!