Excellent English Home Language Milestones: Writing and Presenting – for a Superb Grade 6!

Writing and Presenting – for a Superb Grade 6!

This month we continue to consider the English Home Language milestones and teaching objectives for Grade 6. We have already looked at listening and speaking – the oral component of the subject. Next, we looked at reading and viewing, which covered the visual aspect of becoming proficient with the language. This month we will consider … Read more

Learning Support: A School that Empowers Children to Overcome Learning Obstacles

‍ What is learning support, and how does it empower children to overcome learning obstacles? Schools which offer learning support help children achieve academic success by offering them a safe, supportive environment to identify and overcome any learning obstacles they may have. We invite parents to read on to see how learning support may benefit … Read more

Play Therapy: How it Helps

Therapy aims to help people with what is troubling them. It is a means of reducing anxiety. Effective therapy will improve how a person functions in their community, also enhancing social skills. By utilising this therapy, coping mechanisms can be learnt and strengthened, while also building up self-esteem. Play therapy is recognised as a legitimate … Read more

Struggling to Read: How to Help Kids Develop Stronger Reading Skills

Reading is a fundamental skill that children must master if they are to succeed in school and beyond. Sadly, some kids struggle with reading more than others. Reading difficulties can be caused by a wide range of factors, including genetic predisposition, sensory issues, or simple lack of practice. Whatever the cause may be, parents can … Read more

Teaching Kids with Barriers to Learning – What You Need to Know

Barriers to Learning

In today’s world, it is more important than ever that children develop a love of learning. In fact, the ability to think critically, read, and solve problems is increasingly necessary for success in the job market. Unfortunately, in South Africa, most parents still encounter a one-size-fits-all approach to education, with few schools catering for students … Read more

A School that offers learning support – Best school in South Africa for children that need remedial education

In order to succeed, children need a supportive learning environment. The right school can make all the difference in their future success, and it’s important to know what features stand out as beneficial. Learning support is essential for all learners, regardless of their individual learning needs. Schools with strong learning support programs are more likely … Read more

Exceptional English Home Language Grade 3 Milestones: Reading and Phonics

We have previously written our first article about Grade 3 milestones. The article looked at what Grade 3 children would learn each term regarding their listening and speaking. Today we will cover the term-by-term progress they will make in their phonics and reading. Let’s look at each term’s emphasis on content and skills acquired and … Read more