Holiday Activity Ideas for Neurodiverse Children

holiday activity ideas for neurodiverse children

December in South Africa brings with it a welcome break from school for remedial students. This is a chance to rest up, to relax and to recover after a demanding academic year. It is also a time for parents to be with their children over the festive season. For many people, on the other hand, … Read more

Neurodiversity in South Africa

Neurodiversity in South Africa

As a parent, it can be incredibly challenging to watch your child struggle with academics and social interactions. For parents of remedial children in South Africa, this struggle can be compounded by the lack of understanding and support for neurodiversity. Neurodiversity refers to the natural variation in human brains and the different ways in which … Read more

Remedial Learning and Cogmed – A Solution to Challenges in Memory Function

Remedial Learning and Cogmed

Remedial learning and Cogmed have demonstrated amazing results in improving the memory function of young learners. This article will explain all you need to know with amazing resources for further reading. Memory and learning are integral to each other. While you are learning, you are making new memories. There is another way of expressing it: … Read more

Grade 6 Maths Milestones for Strong Minds!

Grade 6 Maths Milestones

What are the Grade 6 Maths milestones your children should reach in this important year of primary schooling? By the time your child is in Grade 6, they will have a grasp of the functions of Maths. In Grade 6, their grasp of these will be deepened and expanded. Mental Maths will be strengthened. Numbers, operations, and … Read more

Auditory Processing Disorder – What It Is and How Remedial Schooling Can Help

Auditory Processing Disorder

Does your child have Auditory Processing Disorder? We can help. Since 1966, Japari’s passion has been to help students that have remedial needs. We are also eager to broaden awareness of barriers to learning. We want to dispel incorrect information about various conditions which can affect how a child learns. For these students their intelligence … Read more

Grade 6 Milestones: English Home Language – Language Structures and Conventions

This month, we conclude our series on Grade 6 English Home Language milestones. These articles are a survey of the scope of the CAPS curriculum. We have covered the listening and speaking milestones, we have considered reading and viewing, and we have looked at the writing and presenting components. All of these topics are included in the Grade 6 year … Read more

Bridging the Gap: How Remedial Education is Empowering Struggling Children in Mathematics in South Africa

mathematics in South Africa

Mathematics in South Africa is certainly more relevant than ever before. Maths is the foundation of success in many professions, yet for many students, it remains an insurmountable challenge. In South Africa, this issue is particularly acute, with many children struggling to keep up with their peers. Fortunately, with the introduction of remedial education, the … Read more

Dysgraphia – What it is and how to navigate it

What is dysgraphia? There are many diverse learning challenges that the remedial learner could face. Some of these have been well documented and may be familiar terms for the general public. Dyslexia is one of the most well-known conditions that requires remedial learning. ADHD also has a negative impact on learning. Despite this, ADHD is not recognised as an … Read more