Grade 6 Maths Milestones for Strong Minds!

What are the Grade 6 Maths milestones your children should reach in this important year of primary schooling? By the time your child is in Grade 6, they will have a grasp of the functions of Maths. In Grade 6, their grasp of these will be deepened and expanded. Mental Maths will be strengthened. Numbers, operations, and relationships between digits and equations will be solidified throughout the year. The year also introduces algebra, using number sentences. 

The sixth grade can be a challenging leap for learners. Since this is the year that first introduces algebra, maths can become difficult. Even children who have done well up until this point might find that they struggle more than usual. But with the proper guidance and input, we believe all learners can overcome the challenges and thrive in Mathematics.

At Japari, we are there to help our remedial learners navigate their way through each grade of Maths. In Grade 6, we will help them see that they are able to grasp the concepts and implement them.

Grade 6 Maths Milestones: Numbers, Operations and Relationships

Mental Mathematics: Overview

The sixth-grade mental mathematics programme is intended to be developed over the course of the year. It is usually implemented in sessions of about ten minutes each day. The best approach is to avoid asking learners random calculations every day. Rather, there will be a systematic approach to the problems that students will solve, with sessions building on one another towards certain outcomes.

The mental mathematics problems and scope will continue to expand. Students will learn new techniques in each term. These will be incorporated into the programme as they progress. The main lessons will develop new skills and concepts which are then practised and refined in Mental Mathematics. Where appropriate, a smaller range of numbers is used for the mental sums. As the year progresses, the range increases.

Mental Mathematics: Numeral Knowledge Scope and Aims

Mental Mathematics develops the numeral knowledge of students in three primary areas. This is done systemically to help learners grow in the grasp and utilisation of maths. These are number facts, calculation techniques and number concepts. Grade 6 Maths milestones ought to cover these areas to set scholars up for success in future grades.

Number facts

Number facts consider bonds between numbers. So, this facet of mental mathematics teaches and trains Grade 6s to mentally add and subtract. They will practise and master adding and subtracting of units and multiples of ten. As the year progresses, the students will become more and more proficient in their times tables.

Calculation techniques

Calculation techniques include being able to halve and double correctly, quickly and accurately. The learners will also be able to use multiplication to do accurate division. They will also be able to round off to the nearest 5, 100, and 1000. Compensation, a method of working with numbers that are easier to compute, is also practised and refined.

They will also be able to do correct number breakdown. For example, grade 6s will recognise 1462531 as: 

1000000 + 400000 + 60000 + 500 + 30 + 1 

This is useful when doing sums. Students will work with manageable components of larger numbers to get to the correct answers.

They will also be able to round off to the nearest 5, 100, and 1000. Compensation, a method of working with numbers that are easier to compute, is also practised and refined.

Grade 6 is also when students should be able to multiply and divide by 10, 100 and 10000 with ease and precision. They will also have a firm grasp on using multiples of these numbers as well.

Number concepts

This covers a range of ideas, everything from counting in various ways, to more complex constructs and approaches. Students will train and become more adept at implementing the use of multiples, odd and even numbers, and building up and breaking down numbers. This will lead to accurate and faster results in math problems. Grade 6s will also be able to compare and order the numbers and equations that they are working with.

Japari guides Grade 6s to Maths success

With our decades of experience, we will show our students how to process all of these maths factors, ensuring scholars reach these Grade 6 Maths milestones. We know how to assist remedial sixth graders to succeed in Mathematics. This supports growth in STEM subjects later on.

Our trained staff have equipped themselves to navigate the challenges that a remedial learner faces when it comes to calculations. We help them to lay the foundation to ensure future success. Many, by far the majority, of our remedial learners are able to cope in mainstream high schools. This includes engaging with mathematics successfully.

Call today to make an appointment to see our facilities and to meet the staff. We are passionate about helping remedial Grade 6s and students of all ages succeed in their schooling. Japari gives remedial learners their confidence to thrive in their education.

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