Helping Slow Learners

A school in Johannesburg helping slow learners to find their pace

Is your child a slower learner? Does he or she battle to keep pace with the class? Here’s how Japari can help.

There are many challenges facing school children worldwide. We see over-crowded classrooms, underfunded schools and overworked teachers. South Africa is no exception. We find these difficulties in many Gauteng schools.

The group of students most likely to suffer in these conditions are slow learners. Average students can make do. Especially with even a little extra attention from their parents. Children diagnosed with certified mental disabilities need specialised help. Special education institutions in the city can assist. They have the facilities and skills necessary to help them and their parents.

It is slow learners and their parents who are often overlooked. Slow learners are usually not exposed to the learning environment that they need. Japari is a school prepared to meet their exact requirements. This will give them the opportunity to thrive.


What does it mean to be a slow learner?

Slow learners are learners who learn at a much slower pace than average when compared to children their own age. Their grasp of an idea will also generally be superficial rather than thorough and comprehensive. Slow learners often struggle with new concepts because they are still trying to digest older ideas. They will also have difficulty in identifying the steps in a particular task. The connection between the steps will also be obscure. Slow learners will often have large gaps in their understanding of an idea.


What do slow learners need?

Because slow learners learn at a slower pace than their peers, while the class moves on they are left behind. Slow learners are very aware of the difficulties they are facing. As new concepts are introduced this term, they haven’t yet learned the lessons from the last term. This often leads to feelings of anxiety and low self-esteem and a severe dislike of school.

Slow learners need individual attention and constant repetition. The main thing that will help a slow learner to grasp a new concept is to go over the concept again and again. This is their biggest help in learning as it will mean that they can come to a full understand an idea. This will help close the gaps in their understanding. This will allow them to build on their understanding of new concepts and ideas at an acceptable pace.

Like all kids, these children need support and praise. Slow learners need encouragement in what they do well. They need the opportunity to do the things that they are good at, rather than focusing only on the areas they need to improve on.


Japari is a school for slow learners

Classes are limited to a maximum of 15 learners. This means that slow learners will get the extra individual attention that they need.

Every slow learner is an individual. Japari has a qualified staff of teachers, therapists and psychologists. They will ensure that each slow learner has a tailor-made Individual Education Plan (IEP). The IEP will ensure their specific individual needs are met. Each term the IEP is revised, ensuring that the children are on track and reach their individual milestones.

Slow learners have incredible potential and great value. Japari unlocks this potential. Each learner’s value is appreciated, setting them up for success.