A man walks 5000 km for Japari

A humble man with his heart set on helping others will attempt a charity walk of 5000km. Jonathan Latouf, a grandfather, 68-year-old did this before, walking the pilgrimage routes of Europe to raise awareness for human trafficking and his own spiritual growth. “When you are out there its just God, the earth and yourself … […]

Independent Schools
Independent Schools Helping Remedial Students

How Independent Schools are Helping Remedial Students to Win The South African government’s aim of inclusive education by 2021 In 2001 the South African Department of Education set out to ensure that all learners would have access to inclusive education by 2021.  This would be regardless of their remedial needs or physical challenges. At the […]

importance of education
The Importance of Education in the Private Sector

The Importance of Education in the Private Sector in South Africa The need for private schooling lies in the troubled past of South Africa’s education system South Africa’s constitution enshrines the right to a basic education. One of the worst ideas that the previous government implemented was Bantu education. Bantu education severely undermined the development […]

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The School Slow Learners Need in Johannesburg

Japari: The School Slow Learners Need in Johannesburg “You know the deal. You can’t speed up to help the gifted kids. You can’t slow down to help the slower ones.” – Scott Voss, played by Kevin James, in Here Comes the Boom. There is a category of students who are at a higher risk of […]

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Learners suitable for remedial education

What Type of Child is Suitable for Remedial Education at Japari? Many children don’t achieve their best results in traditional school environments. These are the children we at Japari want to see excelling. But which children can consider Japari as an option? If your child is battling with a mainstream educational institution, we’d love to […]

Remedial Learners becoming leaders
The support that remedial learners need

The support that remedial learners need to become leaders of the future Remedial learners have often faced years of failure. Academically they have probably only known struggle and bad marks. Often they would have encountered mocking from more able students. This can range to gentle teasing to outright bullying. All this usually leads to low […]

How Parents are Intimidating Teachers

Crossing the line: How Parents are Intimidating Teachers Parents are more involved than ever in their children’s day-to-day education. This is a good thing. Parents should take an active interest in how their kids are doing at school. But there’s a dark side to this. There are parents that assume that they can dictate to […]

Sonia Machanick – Wikipedia

“Sonia Machanick (15 June 1925 – 12 November 1977) was a South African medical doctor, author and educational psychologist who pioneered new methods of teaching children with dyslexia and other learning difficulties. She founded Japari School,[1] a special school in Johannesburg that provides education for children who struggle to thrive in the mainstream education system. She wrote […]

Children at school
A School, Therapy and Assessment Centre

Welcome to Japari School: Therapy and Assessment Centre!   Parents are often reluctant to consider that their children might have a learning problem. This is absolutely understandable. For teachers, one of the hardest situations is suggesting that a child could have a learning challenge. No one should dismiss a teacher’s experience. Teachers who have worked […]