Remedial Education is better than mainstream
A remedial school is better than mainstream?

Why choosing a remedial school is better than choosing a mainstream school’s learning support centre It’s no secret that mainstream schooling is to a large extent not meeting children’s learning needs. The scores in maths and science are terrible. South Africa’s schooling is in dire straits. Private schools do see a better pass rate for […]

Sensory Prosessing
Sensory Processing Issues

Thriving with Sensory Processing Issues – Schooling that Meets the Needs of Afflicted Children Imagine that wearing clothes can be so uncomfortable that you refuse to get dressed. Coming into contact with other people can be so disturbing that you crawl under tables to be alone. The idea of someone brushing past your elbow is […]

Remedial Education
Remedial education for special needs

Remedial Education and the Special Needs Child As we have seen, there is a great need for remedial education, and not only in South Africa. Children struggling in the areas of maths and reading need the extra attention immediately. The longer that the child falls behind, the less likely they are to catch up. For […]

Helping children with fine motor skills development
The importance of fine motor skills – A school that cares

Touching your world: Fine motor skills Babies are arguably born with the least amount of inborn instincts of any creatures on earth. While a baby calf can stand within hours of being born, it takes a baby months to learn to do the same. Some suggest this instinctual “blank-slate” gives us an incredible capacity to […]

Learning Motivation - South Africa School
Five major challenges to your child’s learning

Five major challenges to your child’s learning – and what to do about them   There are many learning problems that children face. Many of these have always been an issue. Some are more accentuated today than in years past. Thanks to scientific progress, many can be more easily assessed. Thanks to the assessment many can […]


Dyslexia and the fascinating link between Tom Cruise, Steven Spielberg, Richard Branson and Steve Jobs What is your reaction when you are faced with the following line of text? Lraenign to raed is cllhenginag for jstu abtou ervyneo. That is not a typo. As many as 700 million people worldwide would see any sentence that […]

Primary School offering remedial education
Remedial Education

Remedial Education in the Primary School “Tell me I forget. Teach me I remember. Involve me I learn.” – (Mis)Attributed to Benjamin Franklin. Remedial means: “intended to correct or improve something.” The root word is “remedy” – “the means of solving a problem.” Many children struggle with the basic fundamentals of reading, writing and mathematics. […]

Emotional Support
Emotional support for our children

How to Give Your Children the Emotional Support They Need   Are your school-going children battling due to emotional needs that are not being met? Read on to see how these needs are being met at Japari School. Children are always developing in a physical and academic sense while at school. That’s not all. They […]

Speech Development Designed by Freepik
Speech Development

Is Your Child Battling With Speech Development? Here’s What You Need To Know Speech is so intrinsic to our everyday communication that most of us take it for granted. Language, and speech in particular, underlies our ability to read and write, an ability necessary for modern living. Our speech development even plays an important role […]

Children with low motivation
Low motivation in learners

Low motivation in learners: Causes, Consequences and Correctives Low motivation is something that everyone will face at some time or another. For students, it can become an overriding outlook towards schoolwork and studies. If unchecked, this leads to negative outcomes during their school career. Worse still, this can cause a downward spiral of further low motivation […]