Remedial education for special needs

Remedial Education and the Special Needs Child

Special need school aiding with remedial educationAs we have seen, there is a great need for remedial education, and not only in South Africa. Children struggling in the areas of maths and reading need the extra attention immediately. The longer that the child falls behind, the less likely they are to catch up.

For special needs children, the need for remedial education is amplified. Special needs children need what remedial education offers from the outset of their learning career. They need individual, one-on-one attention. There is an entire spectrum of special needs that can impact how a student learns.

How Remedial Education Helps Special Needs Children

If a child without special needs is to receive remedial education, the goal is usually to catch up with the rest of their peers. It is often rectifying deficiencies in educational methods to which they have been exposed. For a special needs learner, it is different. This type of leaner would usually struggle in any traditional learning environment. However good the teaching methods are, they won’t meet the needs of the special needs learner. They need that extra attention from the very start of their schooling. Here remedial education is not to rectify deficiencies but to help lay a foundation. This is the very foundation that the child would need to learn to read and write. They would need remedial methods to learn to add and subtract, multiply and divide.

Japari: A Remedial School for the Special Needs Child

Japari, based in Rosebank, is passionate about seeing special needs children thriving. For over 50 years we have made it our mission to connect teachers who care with children who matter. No child, whatever their challenges, should be overlooked or left behind. This is central to our educational beliefs at Japari.

We gear our methods to the special needs child. They will receive the necessary attention to learn. Our staff members ensure that our learners experience a holistic approach to education. They bring their expertise from a range of fields. The special needs child will receive not just the remedial academic input they need. Japari also attends to their emotional, physical and social requirements.

Small Classes

Our classes never exceed 15 students. This means teachers are able to meet the individual special needs of each pupil. Remedial education is about getting in contact with a learner. Our class structures make this possible. Whatever their pace, the students can take the time they need to learn each lesson and skill. With this approach, a special needs child will not fall between the cracks.

Individual Education Plans Addressing Special Needs

Children learning through remedial education

Children are always developing. As they grow with us, we will regularly assess their progress. Students in the foundation phase will each have an Individual Education Plan (IEP). Our staff includes qualified experts. Their fields include occupational therapy, speech and language, and psychology. They are all available for the necessary input to ensure the IEP is best suited for each child. This plan is reassessed throughout the student’s schooling. This ensures that their unique special needs are being met. Students will improve in some areas while continuing to struggle in others. We will always be adjusting their Plan to meet their requirements, to see them flourish. The support continues throughout their time with us, into the intermediate phase.

Reading and our Special Needs Students

Remedial education aims to ensure that learners lagging behind are strengthened and can catch up. Japari has a unique Reading Department. We want to see special needs children becoming independent and eager readers. Our eight dedicated reading teachers liaise with the student’s other teachers. This provides a holistic approach to addressing the individual needs of each child. 

There are students whose needs have not been met in traditional schooling systems. Japari is a remedial school eager to help. We look forward to seeing special needs learners develop and thrive. The future is bright for Japari learners.

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