Excellent English Home Language Milestones: Writing and Presenting – for a Superb Grade 6!

Writing and Presenting – for a Superb Grade 6!

This month we continue to consider the English Home Language milestones and teaching objectives for Grade 6. We have already looked at listening and speaking – the oral component of the subject. Next, we looked at reading and viewing, which covered the visual aspect of becoming proficient with the language. This month we will consider … Read more

6 Benefits of Music Education in Childhood 

Music at Japari school

Music and arts are often overlooked in developing a pupil’s education. Core subjects like Math, English and Science are focused on in an increasingly technological world.  We agree that these subjects are important, but music and arts are equally important in childhood development. Music filters down into every other academic subject. Music positively impacts a … Read more

A School that offers learning support – Best school in South Africa for children that need remedial education

In order to succeed, children need a supportive learning environment. The right school can make all the difference in their future success, and it’s important to know what features stand out as beneficial. Learning support is essential for all learners, regardless of their individual learning needs. Schools with strong learning support programs are more likely … Read more

The Key to Remedial Success

Parental Involvement: The Key to Remedial Success There is a factor in a child’s academic achievement that has been shown to be more important than many other factors. It is more important than a student’s socio-economic factors. It is more important than the school that a child attends. It is even more important than the … Read more

Remedial Education

Remedial Education in the Primary School “Tell me I forget. Teach me I remember. Involve me I learn.” – (Mis)Attributed to Benjamin Franklin. Remedial means: “intended to correct or improve something.” The root word is “remedy” – “the means of solving a problem.” Many children struggle with the basic fundamentals of reading, writing and mathematics. … Read more