A School that offers learning support – Best school in South Africa for children that need remedial education

In order to succeed, children need a supportive learning environment. The right school can make all the difference in their future success, and it’s important to know what features stand out as beneficial. Learning support is essential for all learners, regardless of their individual learning needs. Schools with strong learning support programs are more likely … Read more

Primary School to High School: How Japari’s Remedial Education Prepares Students to Thrive

Many primary school students cannot wait for high school. The idea of being a teenager is something they eagerly anticipate. It is different for the struggling student, however. For these learners, High School often appears to be a place and experience where the worst fears will be realised: ongoing failure and struggle on an even … Read more

How do place value cards develop pupils’ Mathematics?

Japari pupil using place value cards

Learning math is about understanding numbers, patterns and problem-solving. Pupils develop these essential skills at school and with the help of their parents at home.  Math is an integral part of learning for pupils in the early years because it provides vital life skills. Math helps pupils solve problems, measure and develop their spatial awareness, … Read more

How do audiblox exercises aid learning difficulties

Audiblox exercises are designed to overcome learning challenges. Introduced in 1970, schools worldwide have used this to improve their student’s cognitive memory skills.  Audiblox is an excellent example of enhancing memory skills. Studies have stated that weak underlying cognitive skills, including concentration, perception, memory and logical thinking, account for most learning difficulties.  Specific cognitive exercises … Read more

What about schools for slow learners?

“Slow learner” is a label that many do not appreciate. However it is a term that encapsulates the challenges faced by just over 14% of learners. Schools for slow learners need to be equipped to assist with these challenges. Slow learners could have normal intelligence. Some even have above average intelligence. Despite this, they need … Read more

Six tips (and a bonus!) to Help Get Remedial Children Ready for Going Back to School

Every holiday means a break in routine for kids. This is a good thing, as the children get to recharge and reset for the next phase in their schooling. But getting ready to go back to school is important. Moving from holiday-mode to school-mode can be made smoother with these few tips. For children with … Read more

The Key to Remedial Success

Parental Involvement: The Key to Remedial Success There is a factor in a child’s academic achievement that has been shown to be more important than many other factors. It is more important than a student’s socio-economic factors. It is more important than the school that a child attends. It is even more important than the … Read more

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD): What is the latest research telling us?

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) can have significant ramifications on a child’s life. It can affect how well they do at school and their ability to make and retain friends. Ultimately how well they function in society is influenced by how well they manage this condition. As research advances, better knowledge leads to better responses … Read more

The Role Remedial Education Can Play in Your Child’s Life

Father and son remedial education

Remedial Education is poised to play a significant role in addressing the gaps left in learning in the wake of the Covid-19 lockdowns. Estimates indicate that as much as two-thirds of the schooling year was lost due to the Coronavirus. This is worldwide, not just in South Africa. One calculation found that investing in remedial … Read more