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Help your child to excel, with Therapy Support

How remedial education is enhanced through application of the therapeutic disciplines

Every good parent and educator wants to improve the learning experience and abilities of the children under their care. It follows that every parent and educator will have seen how difficult it is to uplift the average learner’s capabilities. This is never truer than when it comes to learners who have had a tough time keeping up with the academic performance of their peers. These learners may benefit from remedial help with therapy support.

The difficulty comes from the wide variety of factors that may be pulling down the learner’s capabilities (and confidence). These factors may include cognitive difficulties, sensory difficulties, social and linguistic challenges, and many more. Where do we even start to remedy the problems when it is difficult to even peg down the causes?

One of the methods we at Japari School use to help parents and children in this difficult position is therapy support. Remedial education is enhanced through multiple therapeutic disciplines. These include occupational therapy, physiotherapy, speech therapy, and educational psychology. Armed with this combination of expert input, we use a holistic approach to achieve your child’s best well-being.

Simply put, the goal of remedial education is to identify those obstacles to the learner’s potential and remove them. We aim to build up those areas of weakness in which your child may be struggling. At the same time, we help their areas of strength to blossom and excel. There is no instant answer to these kinds of issues. But we have observed how an individual education plan can bring remarkable results. The plan is steadily applied over the months and years we get to work with these precious individuals.

How does each branch of therapy support help my child?

Occupational therapy: This type of therapy focusses on helping learners to cope with those daily tasks which occupy their time. Here the therapy support will assist children in their fine motor skills, gross motor skills, visual perception, interpretation of sensory input, and ability to focus on occupational tasks.

Physiotherapy: When a child has a difficulty or impairment in their physical movements, it is helpful to work with the physiotherapist. The goal is to restore normal functions by working with joints, muscles and range of motion. Physiotherapy techniques can bring about an improvement in mobility, flexibility, fitness, and coordination.

Speech and Language Therapy: There are many benefits to applying this type of therapy support in remedial education. Not only does it help learners to express themselves, but it also helps learners to process the information they receive, from the moment they enter the classroom. This is helpful for learning and comprehension, and also for social skills as the learners interact with their peers.

How do I know what therapy support will be necessary and helpful for my child?

With Japari School’s professional assessment routines, you can rest assured that your child will receive the support he or she requires. We make sure there is regular monitoring, assessment and feedback to establish learners on the path to coping, and then on to success.

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