What makes Japari different

At Japari we provide our children with a home away from home.  Our environment is non-threatening and our teachers are known for their caring and nurturing approach.  We provide an environment where pupils thrive best in a smaller, personalised academic setting.

Our school considers the whole child and our programme is structured so that children can grow in confidence, develop their many talents, build strengths, shape character and broaden their interests.  All of our children experience success in some area, be it academics, sport or cultural activities. Our diverse group of pupils have struggled in their previous traditional academic environment.  Japari offers them a “beacon of light” where they can achieve to the best of their ability.

“Success” can be measured in many different ways.  At Japari, we measure success in two ways.

  • Our primary goal with our children is that they reach their full potential.  Once this potential is achieved, many of our children will be able to return to a “mainstream” educational environment.
  • Another way we measure success is to keep track of our past pupils and see how they do in high school and beyond.  It is always so encouraging and affirming when our children have earned their wings and reap the rewards they so justly deserve.  Many of our past pupils, return to us and relate their many achievements and successes.  They are often guest speakers at our annual prize giving ceremonies.

After spending some time with us, our children are certainly happy and know that they are special and wonderful! this makes ” the Japari Difference.

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