02 June 2017 – Newsletter

Dear Parents

Independent Quality Assurance Agency (IQAA)

Our IQAA Whole School Evaluation will be concluded on Wednesday 07 June, when our Mentor, Mrs Melony Dace, will be spending the day with us. During her time here she will visit a number of classrooms, take part in a few focus groups and speak to our children and staff. Once this is complete a final report will be compiled and we will implement an action plan as a follow up.

Thank you to all those parents who completed the survey and who took part in some of the focus group discussions. These are very valuable as they highlight for us any areas where we need to improve. One such example was communication. In response to this we have already formulated a new communication strategy where we have divided our school into eight different departments or sections. We have elaborated how parents should communicate with these different sections. Details of this new policy can be found in the document entitled “The Structure of Japari School”, and can be found under Resources on the d6 Communicator. Parents are urged to look at this document as we are confident that the procedures highlighted within, will enable parents to receive quick and efficient replies to their queries.


d6 Communicator

We currently have 144 families who have registered on the d6 Communicator. This means that there are still a number of families that have not yet registered. The d6 is a very efficient information sharer and all parents who have not yet registered are urged to do so as soon as possible. Go to www.school-communicator.com and follow the easy prompts.


Measles Immunisation

Japari children whose parents had consented were immunised against measles today. Our thanks to the Parkhurst Clinic for this service.


Comrades Marathon

We wish Miss Jo-Anne Büchner, (Grade 2), all the best as she takes on her11th Comrades Marathon on Sunday. We can follow her progress by texting 42207 to 38132 Official Comrades App https://play.gooogle.com/store/apps/detailsid=dk.bitlizard.comrades



When is help needed?

  • Too much worry
  •  Suffering substantially
  •  When worry and/or avoidance are standard responses to situations
  •  When feeling constantly keyed up
  •  When coaxing, encouraging and reassurance do not work
  •  When concentration and decision making are impacted

Parents are encouraged to attend the next Parent Support Group Meeting on 14 June.


Steve Rees


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