12 April 2017 – Newsletter

Dear Parents

We have once again come to the end of another very busy and enjoyable Summer Term!!!

Our Big Walk, which took place on Saturday the 7 th April, was a fantastic event to bring this term to an end. Despite initial inclement weather, we had a good turnout of children and parents and all those who attended, had a very enjoyable time. Delicious food and drinks provided the necessary energy and many of the children came to show me their various technological gadgets that had recorded their walked distance, pace, heart rate and calories used!!!!! Some had even walked over 5 km!!!!!! Well done to all the children and Moms and Dads who walked and a big thank you to the Parents who also assisted with braaing , and preparing and selling food and drinks. Another big thank you to Mrs Mandy Wheeler and to all our wonderful staff team members, who ensured that the day was a huge success!!!!

New Webpage

Work is progressing very well with the construction of our new webpage. We have been able to access a “link” to view the new design. We can still upload and amend material and will be able to do so until we are happy with the final content.
In regard to this we are thinking of producing an introductory video of the school to viewers of our webpage. We will need the services of a video camera person who will be able to edit and produce a high quality short video which will highlight our school and include titles, background music etc. This will take the form of a “Virtual Tour”, with the viewer guided around the school, where they can “meet” various people and “see” a class lesson and or sports event, etc. Parents are requested to please contact us if they know of someone who could assist us.

Social Media Usage

We have had to deal with a few issues of the misuse of social media this term by some of our pupils. With so many computer applications out there and data available at the touch of a screen, parents may not

The formation and misuse of some, for example, WhatsApp groups, can result in unnecessary hurt and even have legal consequences. Parents are asked to please read the school’s Social Media Users Policy, which can be found under Resources, in the D6 and reinforce this with our children.


Steve Rees


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