17 February 2017 – Newsletter

Dear Parents

Time Capsule

On Friday the 10th February, we buried our Time Capsule, with instructions to dig up and re open in the year 2041!!! Japari will celebrate her 75 th Birthday in 2041, ie in 25 years’ time!!! We included a number of items in the Time Capsule, such as a copy of the Sunday Times and the Rosebank Killarney Gazette of 2016. A telephone and mobile phone, a selection of notes and coins, some items of our present school uniform, a copy of our Jubilee Japarian, our final newsletter of 2016 and a personal letter from me to the Head in 2041. In this letter I tried to explain to the 2041 Head, what Jarpari was like in 2016, and what our plans and dreams for the future are. I’m sure the Head and staff of 2041, will be very interested to see what Japari was like in 2016, and also to compare prices of the same items then compared to now!!!! One wonders what the future will look like???

Congratulations to Kilkenny who swam away with not only the Winning House Trophy but also the Spirit Cup at our Inter House swimming gala held yesterday. Thank you to all the parents who were able to join us. It means so much to our children. Thank you too to Mrs Wheeler, our coaches and all the staff who ensured the day was enjoyable and successful. We were certainly lucky with our weather which was perfect for a Gala. Once again we saw how well many of our swimmers swam, and this is due to the excellent coaching of Mrs Wheeler and her team of coaches.

A reminder to all parents that our midterm break is imminent. School will close next week, at 11 am on Thursday the 23 of February and re-open on Tuesday the 28 of February. For those traveling please do so safely. Please also remember to use your My School Card, not only during the Mid Term Break, but whenever you shop!




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