3 March 2017 – Newsletter

Dear Parents

We trust all members of the Japari Family had a wonderful and enjoyable Mid-Term break, and have returned refreshed and energised to face the remainder of the Summer Term. Please consult the d6 Communicator for details of forthcoming events.

The Time Capsule has been buried just outside the Staff Room, and has been sign posted. Parents and children are reminded to visit Japari in 25 years’ time and share in the opening of this Time Capsule.!!!!!! All those who are able to do this will be part of something very special as you will be able to tell those present, a huge amount of your lived experiences during your time at Japari!!!!

Japari is once again a hive of activity. Our senior children are getting used to writing their Cycle Tests on a Friday. This is good preparation for them when they enter high school. Excitement and some nerves are growing with our Grade Sevens, as they prepare to take on the added responsibility of the Monitor/ Mentor Leadership Programne. The Monitor/ Mentor Induction Assembly takes place on 16 March at 11 am.

Family and friends of the Grade Sevens are invited to share this very special occasion with them. Please confirm your attendance with Sharmla. The Japari Leadership Programne involves giving the Grade Sevens true responsibility, in the form of wide ranging duties, which they are required to perform to the best of their ability. These duties remain until their Valedictory Service at the end of the year.

Ms Margaret Dale, Reading Teacher, will be going into hospital on the 13th March for a major operation. We wish her well and a speedy recovery. Ms Dale will be away until the end of this term, but Mrs Van Schalkwyk will be taking care of her “reading pupils” during this time.

For any urgent matters, please contact Ms Brenda Roberts, Head of the Reading Department.

Thank you for your understanding.




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