31 March 2017 – Newsletter

Dear Parents

Japari is a hive of activity as we head into the last part of our 2017 Academic Term. Children are completing their syllabi and parent meetings with our teachers has begun. Our Monitors and Mentors have taken to their respective duties very well and can be seen all around the school assisting younger children. We congratulate our Grade 7’s as they demonstrate, through their actions, their Monitor/ Mentor oath, which they recited at their Induction Assembly. Grade 6’s will take over the duties of the grade 7’s, when they write their final examinations at the end of the year. Grade 7’s will be required to wear ties with their uniforms for the Winter Term. Information regarding this will be communicated to parents shortly.

New Webpage

Work is proceeding well on the new webpage. We have seen the updated layout and most of the content and it is looking very good. We are sure parents will be very pleased with the new webpage, as it is very practical and hands on. Our application process, for example, will be able to be completed online on the new webpage, which will be an improved and efficient system. There will be many other features which we will disclose as our “Going Live” date approaches. It is hoped to be able to “Go Live”, at the beginning of next term!!!!!

Parents are reminded to keep on using their My School Cards, as we have already raised R 28,278. 57 in 2016. This will be used to purchase an electronic notice board!!!! This will be positioned and angled where the old notice board is. There is an opportunity at the base of the board to carry digital advertisements. Dundalk and Jan Smuts Avenues are busy roads and Japari is well positioned to take advertising advantage of this. If any parent would like to place a business or company advert on the Board, please contact our Bursar, Mrs Lorraine Maretheftis, for the details and cost. We are opening up this opportunity to Japari Parents first!!!! My School are offering a fantastic prize of a holiday at Dubai’s largest Hollywood inspired theme park, in their latest competition!!!Please see below.

If parents still do not have a My School Card please register as soon as possible and encourage friends and neighbours to do the same with Japari as the recipient school


Steve Rees


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