National Core Curriculum: Adapted/modified to suit the individual needs of pupils. The Caps Curriculum.

Grades R and 1 – Less than 12
Grades 2 to 7 – 15 or less

Admission Criteria: Children need to fit the following criteria to be considered for placement at Japari:

  1.     5 – 14 year of age (grade appropriate).
  2.     Cognitive skills need to be within the average cognitive range.
  3.     Specific learning difficulties need to be the child’s core problem.
  4.     Parental involvement and support is essential.
  1. An initial interview with the parents.
  2.  A scrutiny of psycho-educational assessment and other relevant reports. The child will have to be re-assessed by a psychologist if the previous assessment is older than two years.
  3. If the child is assessed as a potential pupil of Japari, they will be asked to attend school for a trial period of three days, where the teacher can assess the child informally
  4. Teacher, SENCO and Principal confer as to the suitability of the school for the child.
  5. Parents are then informed of the decision.
  6. All pupils accepted are subject to a probation period of one term.
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