From Learning to Read, to Reading to Learn: The high importance of Grade 3

Studies have shown that Grade 3 is arguably a learner’s most important year of school. Grade 3 learners who can read well continue to flourish in their schoolwork. Those who struggle with reading find it increasingly difficult to catch up.

Reading is the most important educational skill to acquire. This is because so much of what is taught in any curriculum is via reading.

Reading milestones are important at every stage of school

All milestones for each grade are important. Accordingly, we have been writing this series of articles on milestones for each grade. We will be adding more as time progresses.

These are helpful to assess that your child is on track. But we have learnt that grade three is particularly important.

Grade 3 is when kids start reading to learn

In third grade, a giant milestone is achieved in a pupil’s development. This is the year that students begin reading to learn. Schooling from Grade R to Grade 2 focuses on learning to read. Recognising the alphabet. Stringing the sounds together. Beginning to understand where it was that the cat is. And grasping that the mat is, in fact, under the cat.

Children who can read well by the end of third grade can learn at an incredible speed. Those that don’t achieve this milestone begin to face learning gaps that become severe. They could also become challenges impossible to overcome before Grade 12.

Students lagging behind may remain busy with merely sounding out letters, while those reading well are now absorbing information from what they read: they are learning.  

Some findings on the importance of third grade reading

Third grade reading is important. But what are the consequences for those who fall behind?

There are dire consequences for not reading well. Bad readers tend to display more social and behavioural problems. Over 70% of students who struggle to read never catch up. One American study showed that every child not reading well by this grade’s end would probably not graduate high school. Reading reasonably well is the one of the most important indicators for high school success.

Yes, the findings are scary!

These facts and figures can seem overwhelming. Especially if your child falls in the category of students falling behind.  It can seem very daunting and confusing how best to rectify the challenges facing your youngster. Many parents are unsure of even where to begin the process.

But there is hope!

The fact that we know the intrinsic importance of Grade 3 means we can correct where it has gone wrong. This is thanks to the advances being made in educational research. We now know better than even before how to assist those who has fallen behind.

How can we ensure lagging children learn to read?

Individual attention is key. Someone struggling to read needs to spend more time reading to a teacher. The teacher needs to take the time to help the student grasp the fundamentals that might have been missed up to this point.

Having this access to teachers plays a vital role as well. Being able to have experts in remediation is invaluable. It is key to seeing students who are struggling to read become proficient readers.

Building an environment that fosters confidence is invaluable. A slow reader is often embarrassed by their low level of reading. This compounds the problem. They will not want to spend time doing something that makes them feel inadequate. These learners need to be in a classroom environment that allows them to grow according to their needs. This is a tremendous help in catching up on the reading.  

The best thing to do is to take action. Reading problems do not resolve themselves.

Japari is here to help

The above describes Japari’s approach to learning. Our classes are small (15 children per class is the maximum). We love to build confidence in our learners. Many have found that more conventional schooling systems make them feel inadequate. We focus on teaching them to shine as the individuals they are meant to be. We also have unique reading department that focuses on fostering a love for reading.

Japari specialises in remedial education. We are there to remedy what traditional schooling has overlooked for students with particular needs.

We are also equipped to assess students. If your child is struggling, we can determine the cause. If it is a matter of having fallen behind, we can plot a course to ensure that they catch up.

We can also determine if the learner has a particular learning challenge. We are not just equipped to assist leaners with catching up. We can also assist those in need of particular learning techniques. We ensure that our students learn in ways that speak to them.

Whatever challenges a pupil is facing, we can help. They might be in need of catching up because of issues relating to falling behind. Or they may face challenges such as ADHD, or dyslexia, or other learning disabilities.

Japari has the solution facing your child. Come in today to have a tour of our facilities. Book an assessment now!

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