Education and University
Link Between Remedial Education and University

The Link Between Remedial Education, Matric Exams and University Success A recent initiative to help grade 12’s pass has ended in startling failure. 78363 students had the opportunity to write their exams in two phases. They took some in November, and some in June. Only 6320 of these pupils passed on this program. That means […]

Aggression in Children 1
Aggression in Children: Japari’s help with aggressiveness

Aggression in Children: Effectively Dealing With It Aggression in toddlers is… normal? Toddlers do not yet have the verbal skills to express their feelings. This can lead to frustration, which is understandable. It can also lead to aggressive behaviour. It is not uncommon for toddlers to have tantrums up to nine times a week. But […]

Dyscalculia and Children
What is Dyscalculia and how’s it different from Dyslexia?

Why every parent needs to know what Dyscalculia is In Kevin Hart’s recent movie Night School, the lead character takes evening classes to complete his High School Diploma. In the course of the movie he discovers he has dyslexia and dyscalculia. It is tragically accurate that an adult would have gone his entire life without […]

Special needs education history
A Short History of Special Needs Education in South Africa

A Short History of Special Needs Education in South Africa All children have a right to education. This is recognised almost everywhere. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948 didn’t only state the right to education. It also made it clear that the education offered to children must be quality schooling.  Educating each child […]

Special Education for Juniors Grade R - 3
Special Education for Juniors

Special Education for Juniors: The Importance of Grade R – 3 for Remedial Learners   Independent Remedial School Laying the Necessary Foundations for Quality Education Did you know? The “R” in Grade R stands for Reception. This year lays important foundations for education. They determine lifelong patterns of learning. Throughout the foundation phase, (up to […]

2019 Japari parent support group

At Japari school we are committed to offering an environment that best supports our children to achieve the best of their ability. A very important aspect of this is the ability to support the family. Parenting can at times be a stressful experience for all parents. Sometimes parents, who have children with specialised learning needs, […]

A man walks 5000 km for Japari

A humble man with his heart set on helping others will attempt a charity walk of 5000km. Jonathan Latouf, a grandfather, 68-year-old did this before, walking the pilgrimage routes of Europe to raise awareness for human trafficking and his own spiritual growth. “When you are out there its just God, the earth and yourself … […]

Independent Schools
Independent Schools Helping Remedial Students

How Independent Schools are Helping Remedial Students to Win The South African government’s aim of inclusive education by 2021 In 2001 the South African Department of Education set out to ensure that all learners would have access to inclusive education by 2021.  This would be regardless of their remedial needs or physical challenges. At the […]

importance of education
The Importance of Education in the Private Sector

The Importance of Education in the Private Sector in South Africa The need for private schooling lies in the troubled past of South Africa’s education system South Africa’s constitution enshrines the right to a basic education. One of the worst ideas that the previous government implemented was Bantu education. Bantu education severely undermined the development […]