History 1
Learning Disabilities Through Time – Part 2

A Brief History of Learning Disabilities, Part 2: From 1970 to Present Day In Part 1 we traced the history of Learning Disabilities through the Napoleonic age until 1970. In Part 2, we will see what developments have taken place since then. These include notable legislative advances as well as scientific progress. South Africa has […]

Learning difficulties
Learning Challenges in Grade R to 3’s

The Critical Benefits of Identifying and Addressing Learning Challenges in Grade R – 3’s For many reasons, Grade R – 3 is the most important phase in a child’s school career. Grade 3 in particular has been shown to be a particularly fundamental schooling year for children. It is vital that children receive nothing less […]

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Assisted Mainstream Learning Environment

Japari from the Past into the Future: An Assisted Mainstream Learning Environment Japari School has always existed to help learners achieve their potential. In our early days we had 40 boy boarders. We are now identified as an Assisted Mainstream Learning Environment. In all this time, the needs of our learners have been the reason […]

Learning Disabilities Through Time

A Brief History of Learning Disabilities, Part 1: From Napoleon to 1970 Samuel A Kirk is widely recognised as the first person to use the term “learning disability.”  He was referring to children who had normal intellectual capabilities. Their hindrance to learning was not any lack of ability regarding intelligence. These children had a brain-based […]

Education and University
Link Between Remedial Education and University

The Link Between Remedial Education, Matric Exams and University Success A recent initiative to help grade 12’s pass has ended in startling failure. 78363 students had the opportunity to write their exams in two phases. They took some in November, and some in June. Only 6320 of these pupils passed on this program. That means […]

Aggression in Children 1
Aggression in Children: Japari’s help with aggressiveness

Aggression in Children: Effectively Dealing With It Aggression in toddlers is… normal? Toddlers do not yet have the verbal skills to express their feelings. This can lead to frustration, which is understandable. It can also lead to aggressive behaviour. It is not uncommon for toddlers to have tantrums up to nine times a week. But […]

Dyscalculia and Children
What is Dyscalculia and how’s it different from Dyslexia?

Why every parent needs to know what Dyscalculia is In Kevin Hart’s recent movie Night School, the lead character takes evening classes to complete his High School Diploma. In the course of the movie he discovers he has dyslexia and dyscalculia. It is tragically accurate that an adult would have gone his entire life without […]