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Speech Development

Is Your Child Battling With Speech Development? Here’s What You Need To Know Speech is so intrinsic to our everyday communication that most of us take it for granted. Language, and speech in particular, underlies our ability to read and write, an ability necessary for modern living. Our speech development even plays an important role […]

Children with low motivation
Low motivation in learners

Low motivation in learners: Causes, Consequences and Correctives Low motivation is something that everyone will face at some time or another. For students, it can become an overriding outlook towards schoolwork and studies. If unchecked, this leads to negative outcomes during their school career. Worse still, this can cause a downward spiral of further low motivation […]

Bullying Special needs child
Seven ways to stop bullying for your special needs child

Stop bullying – Special needs child No one else will rescue your child – will you? Here’s how you can bring hope to a hopeless situation! Bullying is an age-old problem – but no-one should by any means accept it as the status quo. The effects of bullying can include severe depression and stress. These […]