Private School in South Africa in 2021

What it takes to Start a Private School in South Africa in 2021

Many parents have searched for the perfect school for their children. They have registered and are waiting in expectation for the school year to begin. For some, the placing of their children is still underway. With the uncertainty of 2020 carrying over to 2021, the whole process is even more complicated.

At the time of writing, South Africa is experiencing a second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. The country was recently put on Level 3 lockdown. As it stands, government schools are still on track to open up late in January.

Difficulties in Public Schooling

It is no secret that schooling in South Africa faces many challenges. Our student scores in maths and science are especially poor. Covid-19 has further exposed these weaknesses. The pandemic has also made them worse for many students.

In the crisis that the education sector saw in 2020, private schooling has had an opportunity to shine. Many private schools proved more adaptable during lockdown. They were often better equipped to continue providing their students with schooling. Though they were faced with their own challenges, private schools were able to complete their syllabuses. Even internationally, these were the institutions that made sure that their pupils were equipped to complete the year.

Private schools existed in South Africa Long before public schools

Private schools were the first schools to be established in our country. This is true of many countries in the world. Church groups and missionaries established the earliest formal private schools.

Establishing a Private School

Our constitution makes provision for anyone to start an independent educational institution. A process has been put in place to ensure that standards are adhered to. This is to protect children from subpar learning.

While details might show some variation between provinces, there are minimum requirements to this end.

A private school must be run at its own expense. It will not be subsidised by the government.

All independent schools must adhere to the Constitution and applicable laws. This means that no such school can discriminate against anyone on the basis of race. Act No.4 of 2000 is the Equality Act. This broadens the scope against discrimination and lists various specific categories. These include gender, sex, pregnancy, family responsibility or status, marital status, ethnic or social origin, HIV/AIDS status, colour, sexual orientation, age, disability, religion, conscience, belief, culture, language and birth.

A Private School must be Registered with the Department of Education

Private schools must be registered with their province’s educational department. The Department of Education must assess each school for fitness of registration. Registration is being granted legal authority to offer basic education. The standard of education cannot be inferior to equivalent public schools.

To be registered, a school must meet other criteria as well. It must show that it can offer an acceptable educational standard. Possessing adequate resources and capacity shows that the school is able to meet these requirements. It must also have a staff contingent with the appropriate expertise.

Registration is then maintained by continual compliance. Deregistration occurs when any violations of these requirements is committed.

The Department issues a letter and certificate of registration. One of these must be visibly on display on the school’s premises.


Japari – Excellent Private Primary Education in Johannesburg

Private School in South Africa in 2021Since 1966 Japari School has been providing excellent private education. We have ensured that we are always compliant with all regulations. Our beautiful country has seen many changes since then. Japari continues to, and always will, prioritise our students, ensuring they receive a great education.

Japari has a long history of assisting students in achieving their full potential. We even have experience in assisting pupils to overcome any particular challenges they might face.

Contact us to see for yourself and to discuss enrolment

For these reasons and more, we are an excellent school choice for all children. We accept enrolment throughout the year. Come and meet us and see the profound difference we can make in your child’s life.

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