School Library

Japari has a well-stocked library. Within a period of a few years, the stock of books has been considerably augmented. Apart from encyclopedia and general knowledge reference books, there are hundreds of non-fiction books ranging from religions, through cultural customs, natural science topics, animals, plants, water and sea creatures, physics, “how to build/make”, cookery, geography, history books , to name but a few. An extensive, diverse collection of fiction books has been gathered together and organized catering for the many different age levels, reading levels and preferences of our Japari learners.

The library is ideally situated at the centre of the school campus. It is the repository of the teacher resources, as well as audio-visual equipment, including numerous narrative CDs with accompanying texts and two kindles which can assist weak readers enjoy their reading experience. Individual classes have dedicated library periods, and pupils are encouraged to visit the library at frequent intervals outside of these times. Comfortable cushions are provided to help pupils “curl up” with a book.

At most recess times, the library is a hive of activity as books are chosen or returned, others are sampled, whilst numerous board games, including chess, are played. Japari can be justifiably proud of its library in a school environment where reading is so highly prized.