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Japari is a remedial school based in Johannesburg. Our mission is to teach young learners from grade 1 – 7throughout South Africa, on how to overcome learning challenges. We provide expert remedial support, resources & care, in class & online.

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Japari School, established in 1966, is an independent remedial school situated in the tranquil suburb of Parkview, one of the beautiful neighbourhoods in The Parks, north of Johannesburg Central. Our school is a multi–denominational, multi-cultural remedial school which caters for pupils from Grade 1-7.

We offer excellent learning support and are dedicated to nurturing and developing the potential of our pupils in this safe and caring environment. Our belief is that every child is strong, capable and resilient with an innate curiosity that needs to be nourished. Our holistic approach aims to assist our pupils to realise their strengths, whilst learning to cope with their weaknesses.

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