We consider each applicant to Japari School as a whole person, and put enormous care into evaluating every application.

Japari welcomes visitors and encourages parents, teachers and any interested persons to visit our school. Every day is an “open day” at Japari.  For a relatively small school, we are incredibly busy.  Visitors will see a number of different activities occurring throughout the day.

These activities can range from our juniors painting or sculpting, to ball skills, computer studies, interactive lessons, drama classes, dance, marimba and drum practice, singing, public speaking, science experiments, 3D model making, a range of sports, art and technology activities, library, children reading under trees or talking, playing, and learning.

Visitors will see and meet dedicated specialist teachers, a trans-disciplinary team, sports coaches, ground and administrative staff, all busy providing a quality preparatory educational environment for our children, who are recognised for their individuality.

Visitors will find small classes (10 – 15 pupils), depending on the grade. They will also find IPads, interactive boards, laptops, projectors, sound bars, Mp3 players, headphones, and dictaphones, which are used throughout the school. Visitors may meet children from other schools, visiting Japari for a week, if they are interested in joining our school.

If you stay long enough you will find happy, challenged, supported, affirmed children, who are being prepared for High School and beyond.

listen to an existing Mom's experience of Japari School


“Dear Headmaster, teachers and staff at Japari

May I take this opportunity to express our gratitude for the five great years invested in our son Cameron. Not only has he developed personally but his academic results have grown from strength to strength. We are so proud of what Cameron has accomplished at school and we know that this would not have been possible had it not been to the teachers who built on his talents over the past five years.

We will indeed be indebted to Japari for a lifetime and the foundation created in Cameron will most definitely stand him in good stead for his future. Not single out the teachers, I want to thank all of the teaching staff who assisted in the growth of Cameron, it has been tremendous to witness his confidence in the field of academics.

All the best for the Festive season and we are looking forward to visiting Japari in the future, once a Japarian, always a Japarian.

Leon  Fritz”

“The show was fabulous and the learners were breathtaking in their performances. A fine display of talent and confidence”

“The concert mirrors the broader values of Japari – that it really is such a kind, gentle and nurturing place to be”

“Japari has been an oasis amidst so much insecurity”

“I cannot express my gratitude enough to everyone for your input and dedication to my daughter”

“We have never looked back!”

“I reply with a resounding yes, you’ve done more than help him, you’ve nurtured him”

“Japari has made a huge lasting impression on us!”

“We thank you from all our hearts for all you have done”

“No better place I believe we could have found”

“We as a family feel much gratitude to the teachers, therapists and management of Japari School”

“It really made me as a mum proud to be associated with a school such as Japari”

“May your todays and your tomorrows be a beautiful reflection of all that your teachers, parents and school are”

“I thank you for all the support you have given my family and myself”

“We would like to express our heartfelt thanks for the role Japari has played in enabling his return to a mainstream school”

“She is now the deputy head girl at Brescia House and I do not think that this wonderful achievement would have been possible without having been at Japari”

“The change that your school and staff has brought to our family is really wonderful”

“Once more thanks to you and your team for creating a really special school that we are very proud to be a part of”

“It is more than a dream to mainstream and do well. I have, you can too!!”

“Japari’s ethos and motto of Vision – Faith – Courage have stood us in good stead”

“He grew in confidence and for the first time in his life actually enjoyed learning and going to school”

“He loved Japari and your school will always hold a special place in his heart”

Admission Procedure

Admission Criteria

Children need to fit the following criteria to be considered for placement at Japari:

  1. 5 – 14 years of age (grade appropriate).
  2. Cognitive skills need to be within the average cognitive range.
  3. Specific learning difficulties need to be the child’s core problem.
  4. Parental involvement and support is essential.

Admission Procedure

  1. An initial interview with the parents can be scheduled with the SENCO.
  2. A scrutiny of psycho-educational assessments and other relevant reports will be done.
  3. The child has to be assessed by a psychologist if previous assessment is older than 2 years.
  4. If your child is a potential pupil for Japari, he/she will be asked to attend school for a trial period of  5 days. A trial fee has to be paid to the Bursar and the Agreement form has to be submitted before the trial period can proceed. During this period, the teacher, SENCO and Screening specialist will observe and assess your child informally.
  5. The Teacher, SENCO and Principal will confer as to the suitability of the school for your child.
  6. Parents are then informed of the decision during a final interview. Recommendations will also be made during the final Interview.
  7. All pupils accepted are subject to a probation period of one term after the registration fees have been paid.
Ask Admissions staff all your questions

For the International Applicants
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