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Frequently Asked Questions

Who do we help?

We provide support for children facing challenges such as dyslexia, dyscalculia, speech difficulties, and ADHD. Our dedicated team is committed to helping children overcome various learning barriers.

Additionally, we are equipped to support those diagnosed with high-functioning ASD, ensuring a nurturing and inclusive environment for every child.

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Our commitment to providing a comprehensive learning approach incorporates essential therapies and remediation.

Our team includes skilled professionals such as:

  • Educational Psychologists.
  • Remedial Therapists
  • Occupational Therapists Physiotherapists.
  • Speech-and-Language Therapists.

Our therapy team ensures that our pupils’ specific learning difficulties are addressed according to their needs.

  • RAVE-O.
  • Cogmed.
  • Gross Motor Programme.
  • Sensory Integration.
  • Reading A-Z.
  • Thinking Moves.
  • Matific.
  • Worksheet Cloud.
  • CEA (Cognitive Enrichment Advantage)

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Address: 1 Dundalk Avenue, Parkview, Johannesburg
Office hours: 7h00 – 15h00