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Parents are often reluctant to consider that their children might have a learning problem. This is absolutely understandable. For teachers, one of the hardest situations is suggesting that a child could have a learning challenge.

No one should dismiss a teacher’s experience. Teachers who have worked even a few years at a small school come into contact with many children – many more than the average person! For this reason, a teacher’s concerns should be taken seriously. Most teachers are not qualified to make a clinical assessment of any learning challenge. But they are in a position to pick up on possible issues.

At Japari, we do have the experts who can evaluate children. Our staff is able to make a variety of professional assessments. Our Therapy and Assessment Centre will ensure that your child is receiving the right educational attention for his or her specific situation. We are available. We can help parents who want to find out if there are additional factors that their children are facing.

Psycho-educational Assessments

Psycho-educational assessments is a term which encompasses a variety of assessments. They can be implemented to assess a child’s readiness for school. Even teenagers and adults can benefit from such assessments. They could help identify subject choices or career paths best suited for them.

Psycho-educational assessments also establish if a child faces any barriers to learning. These would be anything keeping a learner from achieving their best potential. They identify challenges and establish the best course of action to overcome them. The Therapy and Assessment Centre’s psychologists will also make sure that no other emotional challenges are overlooked.

Speech Assessments

Japari’s speech and language expert is on hand for assessments. She will uncover any speech disorders that are impeding your child’s academic performance. For a variety of reasons, these could otherwise be overlooked. With a professional assessment remedial strategies can then be devised and applied.

Reading Assessments

Reading assessments aim to ascertain reading accuracy and comprehension. Knowing how well a child performs in these areas means being able to strengthen weak areas. We can also encourage the student’s areas of strength. Our dedicated reading department aims to do just that.

Occupational Therapy Assessments and Physiotherapy Assessments

Japari’s Therapy and Assessment Centre has its own resident occupational therapist and physiotherapist. Their aim is to see learners living as independently as possible.

These therapists are experts in gross motor and fine motor skills observation. They can identify any motor coordination disorders that might be present. They can identify the severity of the difficulties. They will assess the impact on the learner’s daily and academic life. Strategies to improve these skills can begin to be formulated and implemented.

It can be very difficult for parents

It is never easy to even consider that something could be “wrong” with your child. We would encourage you as a parent to not think of it that way. Each of us will face challenges in many areas of life. But addressing any educational challenge will only be good for your child.

At the very least, let a qualified expert be the person to tell you that there is no problem. It is loving for parents to empower their kids to identify and overcome their challenges.

And if an expert assessment does confirm that your child has some challenges, you can address them now. You can find the best ways to ensure that the challenges don’t impede your child’s chances of succeeding academically.

Japari has the experts. We also have the tools to address the needs that the assessments could uncover or confirm.

Japari’s professional Therapy and Assessment Center is there to help you. Call us today for guidance and input on how best to proceed. The first step is the professional assessment. Don’t delay in getting your child the help they might need. This is setting them up for success.