The support that remedial learners need

The support that remedial learners need to become leaders of the future Remedial learners have often faced years of failure. Academically they have probably only known struggle and bad marks. Often they would have encountered mocking from more able students. This can range to gentle teasing to outright bullying. All this usually leads to low … Read more

How Parents are Intimidating Teachers

Crossing the line: How Parents are Intimidating Teachers Parents are more involved than ever in their children’s day-to-day education. This is a good thing. Parents should take an active interest in how their kids are doing at school. But there’s a dark side to this. There are parents that assume that they can dictate to … Read more

Sonia Machanick – Wikipedia

“Sonia Machanick (15 June 1925 – 12 November 1977) was a South African medical doctor, author and educational psychologist who pioneered new methods of teaching children with dyslexia and other learning difficulties. She founded Japari School,[1] a special school in Johannesburg that provides education for children who struggle to thrive in the mainstream education system. She wrote … Read more

A School, Therapy and Assessment Centre

Welcome to Japari School: Therapy and Assessment Centre!   Parents are often reluctant to consider that their children might have a learning problem. This is absolutely understandable. For teachers, one of the hardest situations is suggesting that a child could have a learning challenge. No one should dismiss a teacher’s experience. Teachers who have worked … Read more

A remedial school is better than mainstream?

Why choosing a remedial school is better than choosing a mainstream school’s learning support centre It’s no secret that mainstream schooling is to a large extent not meeting children’s learning needs. The scores in maths and science are terrible. South Africa’s schooling is in dire straits. Private schools do see a better pass rate for … Read more

Sensory Processing Issues

Thriving with Sensory Processing Issues – Schooling that Meets the Needs of Afflicted Children Imagine that wearing clothes can be so uncomfortable that you refuse to get dressed. Coming into contact with other people can be so disturbing that you crawl under tables to be alone. The idea of someone brushing past your elbow is … Read more

Five major challenges to your child’s learning

Five major challenges to your child’s learning – and what to do about them   There are many learning problems that children face. Many of these have always been an issue. Some are more accentuated today than in years past. Thanks to scientific progress, many can be more easily assessed. Thanks to the assessment many can … Read more