Emotional support for our children

How to Give Your Children the Emotional Support They Need


Are your school-going children battling due to emotional needs that are not being met? Read on to see how these needs are being met at Japari School.

Children are always developing in a physical and academic sense while at school. That’s not all. They are also developing emotionally and socially. Japari’s holistic approach means that we see children as more than little academics. We see them as young, multifaceted individuals. Japari seeks to partner with parents to cater for our learners’ needs.

What necessary emotional support do children need in their primary school years?

All children need emotional support

Studies are showing a link between academic achievement and a supportive school environment. Are child workers should be trying to give emotional support to each child, to the best of their ability. All children need to feel seen, noticed, and understood. They need to have genuine care expressed to them. They need validation as individuals. They need to feel included. Kids also need to feel a healthy degree of control in a structured environment.

There are inspiring stories of students who rise above difficult situations. At Japari we try to remove as many obstacles as possible. This is so that the children can have every opportunity to achieve their best. Emotional support is what good teachers and parents strive for their kids to have.

Children with special academic needs have some specific emotional needs too

Not all children with learning challenges will face an emotional struggle. But it is very common for kids facing this challenge to become troubled, depressed or discouraged. Lowered self-esteem and reduced motivation can be symptoms of emotional struggle. A child who is more irritable or sad than usual could be showing signs of inner strain. There could even be physical symptoms such as headaches or stomach cramps. These could all be manifestations after a learning challenge has been assessed. Another common sign is increased anxiousness around academic matters.

Children facing these challenges are often afraid of being labelled “dumb.” They worry that they will be the “odd kid out” and looked down upon. Some even react to this by being the class clown. Others would rather be the “naughty kid” rather than the “dumb kid.”

It is so important for these children to know that they are loved, accepted and valued. A solid network of family and friends providing genuine emotional support is invaluable. Many of the above scenarios are avoided when this is in place.

Meeting these needs at Japari

Children Emotional SupportAt Japari we are always staying up-to-date about the latest developments in teaching research and methods. We equip our teachers with the latest findings and techniques in all matters of schooling. Our faculty is informed about the best ways to care for and support our learners emotionally. We have seminars and workshops to see to it that we all are giving our children the support they need.

This is all done while keeping the time-tested principles of loving emotional support in place.

…And at home

Parents today face many challenges. With the pace of life in our city, extra effort and care are needed in raising our children. The staff at Japari is always available to assist parents with ideas and methods. We want to ensure that kids enjoy the emotional support that their parents want them to know and experience.