Learning through Play: Activities for Your Child During School Breaks

learning through play

Finding ways to keep your child engaged and entertained during school breaks can be challenging for a parent. While relaxation and downtime are essential, keeping your child’s brain active and encouraging learning through play is crucial.  Having a week or three of uninterrupted time with your children will give you an excellent opportunity to observe … Read more

Exploring the Safety of TikTok for Kids: What Parents Need to Know


As the popularity of TikTok continues to soar, parents are becoming increasingly concerned about the safety of the platform for their children. With over 3 billion downloads, the app has become a hot favorite among tweens and teens, but there are valid concerns about inappropriate content and user data security. In this article, we explore … Read more

Understanding your unique child

Unique child

Have there ever been times when you have looked at your child and just felt so different from them? Asking why you are so unique from your child? Writer and Psychiatrist, Andrew Solomon, has recognised the commonality of these feelings, amongst parents and families, in his book ‘Far From the Tree’ and discusses how negotiating … Read more

How to help your child succeed at school

Success at school

In the high-pressure, high-stakes game of school it can be difficult to know which parenting strategies really promote learning. A successful experience in school is not only about report cards. Ideally, your child will learn how to learn, retain information, think independently, ask questions and develop an increasing sense of competence. Here are some guidelines … Read more

Why Chess Tournaments are good for Remedial Learners

Pupils at Japari playing chess

On the 3rd of August 2022, Japari held a chess tournament between their pupils, and they loved it. Every year, a chess tournament is held at Japari to improve young minds’ concentration, problem-solving skills, and creativity. Chess specifically helps remedial learners improve in academics and fundamental aspects of life. These are just some of the … Read more

6 Benefits of Music Education in Childhood 

Music at Japari school

Music and arts are often overlooked in developing a pupil’s education. Core subjects like Math, English and Science are focused on in an increasingly technological world.  We agree that these subjects are important, but music and arts are equally important in childhood development. Music filters down into every other academic subject. Music positively impacts a … Read more

What is Cogmed, and how can it help my remedial child?

Grade 5 pupil learning Cogmed

Cogmed is a working-memory training software programme usually used together with therapy for ADHD, dyslexia and other learning difficulties. Working memory helps individuals remember instructions, solve problems, control impulses, and focus attention. Cogmed is designed to build up that active memory muscle in anyone who struggles to remember information or hold a task in mind. … Read more