Building Strong Readers: The Powerful Impact of Phonics on Remedial Learning

Exploring phonics

Does your child sometimes stumble over unfamiliar words, struggle to sound them out, or get frustrated reading aloud? If so, you’re not alone! Many children need a little extra support to unlock the magic of reading. Here at Japari School, we believe phonics is the key to building strong reading foundations in the crucial early … Read more

Transforming Reading Skills with RAVE-O at Japari School

RAVE-O reading for pupils

Japari School is a unique independent educational institution that specialises in remediating and developing fundamental skills necessary for the growth and development of its learners.  Among the various strategies employed at Japari School, the RAVE-O reading program stands out as an innovative and comprehensive approach to building reading fluency.  RAVE-O stands for Retrieval, Automaticity, Vocabulary, … Read more