Grade 6 Maths Milestones for Strong Minds!

Grade 6 Maths Milestones

What are the Grade 6 Maths milestones your children should reach in this important year of primary schooling? By the time your child is in Grade 6, they will have a grasp of the functions of Maths. In Grade 6, their grasp of these will be deepened and expanded. Mental Maths will be strengthened. Numbers, operations, and … Read more

Bridging the Gap: How Remedial Education is Empowering Struggling Children in Mathematics in South Africa

mathematics in South Africa

Mathematics in South Africa is certainly more relevant than ever before. Maths is the foundation of success in many professions, yet for many students, it remains an insurmountable challenge. In South Africa, this issue is particularly acute, with many children struggling to keep up with their peers. Fortunately, with the introduction of remedial education, the … Read more

Measuring Grade 2 Milestones

Grade 2 Milestones: Ruler and Pencil

Part 4: Measurement and Data Handling We close off our series on the milestones that grade twos achieve with this article. The second grade continues to build on what the learners have learnt in Grade R and Grade one.  This year introduces new forms of measurement. Measuring units that have not been used before are … Read more

Grade Two Milestones: Calculating Kings

Part 3: Context-Free Calculations & Patterns, Functions and Algebra & Geometrical Space and Shape in Second Grade The foundation phase is extremely important for future schooling success. We have looked at what developmental milestones should have been reached before starting Grade 1 at Japari. We have seen what students learn in Grade 1 language skills and math (see the links here, here, and here).  We have considered Grade 2 reading and writing. We also … Read more

The road to mastering maths: Grade 1 milestones

The road to mastering maths: Grade 1 milestones Part 3: Mathematics: Geometry, Measurement and Data Handling We have been looking at the milestones for grade 1’s. Last month we covered their development in numbers, relationships, patterns and other math landmarks.  We have also looked at Grade 1 speaking, reading and writing milestones. This month we … Read more