The Role Remedial Education Can Play in Your Child’s Life

Remedial Education is poised to play a significant role in addressing the gaps left in learning in the wake of the Covid-19 lockdowns. Estimates indicate that as much as two-thirds of the schooling year was lost due to the Coronavirus. This is worldwide, not just in South Africa.

The time to act is now

One calculation found that investing in remedial programs for children now would mean massive savings. $35 billion would be needed now for lower-middle-income to low-income countries. This would be spent on catch-up programs. This seems an astronomical amount. But waiting would mean paying up to 75% more in the future.

The long and short of it is that drastic remedial action is needed. It has previously been seen as something of a luxury. The pandemic has shown those who are paying attention that it is an absolute necessity.

Remedial education is already a key feature in the USA… for high school graduates

We have previously written about the need for remedial education in America. Many high school graduates are unable to read at a level that allows them to pursue tertiary education. Mathematics scores also show that despite completing high school, graduates do not understand fundamental principles.

Because of this, parents are spending exorbitant amounts on remedial education after high school. Parents are spending as much as $7 billion a year on trying to ready these students for college or university. The figure is not less than $4 billion.

The need for early remedial action is already well known

Other studies confirm what the above calculation shows. It is worth spending $1 on ensuring that young children can read, write and do maths. Investing in education this way sees a return of at least $7, if not more. 

Grade 3 has been recognised at a pivotal year in schooling. Falling behind in this year has dire consequences for learners. As many as 75% of children that have not grasped concepts in this grade never catch up.

Covid-19, Lockdown and South African Education

South Africa has also seen its fair share of very challenging circumstances regarding education. All of these are exacerbated when a child has specific learning needs. The lockdown and loss of school time have only made the challenges more pressing.

For those with specific learning challenges, it would be very difficult in a simple mainstream school to get the support needed. This is even in the best of times. In the last twelve months we have seen unprecedented challenges and disruptions. These have compounded the difficulties for children who already do not thrive in mainstream schools.

But there is hope!

While all of these factors can seem terribly frightening, there is hope. It is possible in the right environment that children can be brought up to speed. They can succeed in their later schooling if action is taken now.

Covid-19 has just highlighted what millions of children face each year. Many with learning difficulties face these prospects each year. But with the right schooling, these children can thrive.

Remedial action must be implemented correctly

If not implemented correctly, remedial programmes can be ineffective. If the content focuses only on catch up, it can mean that students do not cover the curriculum. They will be continually falling behind their peers. This would be because, despite learning necessary concepts, they are never moving forward in the syllabus.

This is where Japari has a very strong track record. Our pupils are not just playing catch up. We cover the CAPS curriculum. Japari students are getting the attention they need from expert remedial teachers. But they are also completing the curriculum that other schools are working through. It is the best of both worlds.

A history of success

Many schooling institutions are still working out how to approach the challenges that the lockdown has presented. Japari already has a successful approach in place. We have been teaching in ways that yield success for decades.

Japari offers remedial support in an assisted mainstream environment. We have passionate teachers that have the training needed to help learners grasp ideas. Our small classes help ensure and facilitate personal attention.  

We have a unique reading programme. It fosters not only proficiency in reading but also a love for books.

Make an appointment today

Japari accepts enrolment throughout the year. Call us today to arrange to come and see the school. We would love to discuss how best we can assist your children to thrive throughout their schooling career.

Your child can accomplish great things. They can achieve their best results. Japari would love to be part of helping them realise their full potential.

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