Excellent English Home Language Milestones: Writing and Presenting – for a Superb Grade 6!

Writing and Presenting – for a Superb Grade 6!

This month we continue to consider the English Home Language milestones and teaching objectives for Grade 6. We have already looked at listening and speaking – the oral component of the subject. Next, we looked at reading and viewing, which covered the visual aspect of becoming proficient with the language. This month we will consider … Read more

Bridging the Gap: How Remedial Education is Empowering Struggling Children in Mathematics in South Africa

mathematics in South Africa

Mathematics in South Africa is certainly more relevant than ever before. Maths is the foundation of success in many professions, yet for many students, it remains an insurmountable challenge. In South Africa, this issue is particularly acute, with many children struggling to keep up with their peers. Fortunately, with the introduction of remedial education, the … Read more

Dysgraphia – What it is and how to navigate it

What is dysgraphia? There are many diverse learning challenges that the remedial learner could face. Some of these have been well documented and may be familiar terms for the general public. Dyslexia is one of the most well-known conditions that requires remedial learning. ADHD also has a negative impact on learning. Despite this, ADHD is not recognised as an … Read more

Learning Support: A School that Empowers Children to Overcome Learning Obstacles

‍ What is learning support, and how does it empower children to overcome learning obstacles? Schools which offer learning support help children achieve academic success by offering them a safe, supportive environment to identify and overcome any learning obstacles they may have. We invite parents to read on to see how learning support may benefit … Read more

Play Therapy: How it Helps

Therapy aims to help people with what is troubling them. It is a means of reducing anxiety. Effective therapy will improve how a person functions in their community, also enhancing social skills. By utilising this therapy, coping mechanisms can be learnt and strengthened, while also building up self-esteem. Play therapy is recognised as a legitimate … Read more

Understanding your unique child

Unique child

Have there ever been times when you have looked at your child and just felt so different from them? Asking why you are so unique from your child? Writer and Psychiatrist, Andrew Solomon, has recognised the commonality of these feelings, amongst parents and families, in his book ‘Far From the Tree’ and discusses how negotiating … Read more