Special Education for Juniors

Special Education for Juniors: The Importance of Grade R – 3 for Remedial Learners


Independent Remedial School Laying the Necessary Foundations for Quality Education

Special Education for JuniorsDid you know? The “R” in Grade R stands for Reception. This year lays important foundations for education. They determine lifelong patterns of learning. Throughout the foundation phase, (up to Grade 3) learners need to receive proper instruction on how to learn.  This important phase of their schooling determines future results to a large degree.

Japari is an independent school that ensures that our Grade R – 3’s receive the foundations that they need. We address their special education needs. This sets them up for success in later schooling. More than that, we prepare our students to succeed in life.


The Importance of Quality Grade R – 3 Teachers

The quality of the teacher has a significant impact on student learning. There is irrefutable evidence of this. One study showed that learners who received quality teachers for three years in a row significantly outperformed peers. Another showed even one year with an outstanding teacher meant students were ahead for the next few years.  One study focused on third grade students. It showed the best teachers produced student results far above the average in English and Maths.

Another study centred on Grade 1’s in these subjects. It found that as important as qualifications are, teachers’ attitudes were even more so.

South Africa faces a teaching crisis. Over 5000 teachers are un- or under-qualified. Maths and English skills are lacking in particular. With the shocking shortage of teachers, government can’t remove these untrained teachers. Pupils have also complained about the disinterest seen in many teachers.

Japari is an independent school that offers solutions to these challenges. Our qualified teachers bring enthusiasm to the classroom. Young remedial learners need to develop a love for learning. Japari’s learning environment will develop and nurture this enthusiasm.


Early Intervention is Best for Learners in Need of Special Education

Research has shown that the earlier a child with special learning challenges gets remedial help, the better for that child. The more that a child falls behind, the more difficult and less likely they are to catch up.

It is worth repeating that 9 out of 10 students who struggle to read in Grade 1 will be struggling to read in Grade 4. And Grade 3 is a critical milestone in a student’s schooling. Children who fall behind in the Foundation level are in danger of never gaining the skills they need for a meaningful education. This will affect their future options after leaving school.

This is a situation even more difficult to address for children with specific special learning needs. Japari is the school that can help these students, laying a solid foundation in Grade R – 3 learners. They will have the skills needed to thrive at school and in life.


The Importance of Quality Schooling in the Foundation Phase

Research since the 1960s has shown the positive impact of quality early schooling. Grade R – 3 are critical years for any pupil.

Giving a child quality and enthusiastic teaching in these Grades is very important. The benefits are seen throughout their school years, and beyond. Not only academic and intellectual performances are improved with great education. Enhancements in their social, emotional and dispositional development will also be noticeable.

The impact reaches into many areas of the students’ lives. Their learning experience will definitely improve. Good teaching will also reduce the need to see corrective learning in later school years to catch them up to where they could have been. Their commitment to school will be higher in early adolescence than those who had poor foundations. They will also attain greater academic achievement.

High school students who had good foundational education show lower instances of not completing school. They also have fewer cases of arrests and illegal activities.

Studies have also indicated that good Grade R – 3 schooling results in higher acquisition of wealth in later teen years and early adulthood.

It is no exaggeration to say that proper foundational schooling will have a positive impact on society as a whole.


Japari has an Excellent Grade R – 3 Remedial Program Addressing Special Needs from the Start

Japari’s Foundation Phase aims to create a nurturing educational environment. Our teachers work to create essential skills of perception in the students. Our teachers are enthusiastic and qualified. They will establish positive attitudes towards school and learning in general. They will develop the necessary skills and concepts for successful learning in the Grade R – 3’s.

This is a key aspect for any young learner. But for the remedial learner, it is even more of a challenge for them to have a positive experience of school. At Japari this is the story our pupils have to tell.

Our environment also fosters a positive self-image. This is often lacking in children with learning challenges. Grade R – 3 pupils are already set on a course to be independent men and women. Japari nurtures healthy social relationships.


How we Achieve these results in our Grade R – 3 Students

Each learner has an Individual Educational Plan specially designed for him or her.  This ensures that students are developing according to their specific needs. The IEP is revised each term. This means that throughout the year teachers are appropriately engaging with each student’s strengths. The areas needing more attention are also never neglected.

The pupils have constant support for their learning needs

Japari makes sure that our learners receive the support they need. We have on-site occupational, physio, speech and language therapists. A qualified educational psychologist is also involved in the students’ development. There is annual hearing and vision screening for the learners.

The Grade R’s are correctly placed thanks to school readiness testing. This also determines the appropriate IEP targets when they begin Grade 1. The Occupational and physiotherapists lead compulsory Gross motor skill classes for the Grade R – 2’s.

Every Grade 2 and 3 pupil has weekly, individual reading instruction. This is from a dedicated Reading Teacher. Our Reading Department is a unique initiative amongst public and independent schools. It promotes a life-long love of reading.


Our Independent Remedial School Means Smaller Classes

Various studies have shown that a significant reduction of students has positive effects on learners. Reducing classes from 22 to 15 means significant long-term benefits. This is especially seen in the earliest school grades.

This is even more meaningful in South Africa. Public school classes in this country average 30 students to every one teacher. Japari’s classes never exceed 15 pupils. For Grade R – 3 remedial learners needing individual attention, we are an excellent independent choice.


Japari has a Holistic, Special Learning Approach for its Individual Students

Specific remedial support is available where necessary for the Grade 1 – 3’s. Extra lessons are available in the afternoons.

All the Grade R – 3 pupils have computer lessons. They also attend art, drama and music classes. Physical education is an important part of healthy and holistic development. We make sure the learners enjoy the benefits of physical exercise.

Extra murals are also offered to the foundation pupils. These include athletics, cricket, soccer, and netball. They also have the opportunity to take part in chess and Arts & Crafts.


We at Japari would love to meet you

If you are a parent concerned about whether your child needs the special learning attention that Japari offers, please don’t delay. For the sake of your child, come and see us.

We offer assessments to determine what would be best for your child. We also accept enrolment throughout the year. For all the reasons above, and more, having children with special learning needs in the right environment as soon as possible is the absolute best for them.

Japari offers support for parents with children who need remedial learning. We are passionate to see them develop as independent, complete individuals. We love and are honoured to play a role in these amazing students’ lives.

We look forward to meeting you soon.














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